Supermicro provides application-optimized server, workstation, blade, storage and GPU systems.

Ultimate Speed and Reliability

Supermicro has enhanced the highest performance Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 series processors, combined with the X9DAX series motherboard the Hyper-Speed range is optimized for ensuring reliability is the primary focus for mission critical applications.  Architected for HFT, energy research, engineering and scientific applications, Supermicro’s Hyper-Speed solutions deliver ultimate speed and maximum reliability and low-latency.

Peak Performance

    • Up to 30% application performance in HFT, Computational Finance, EDA, HPC, Scientific and Energy Research
    • Optimized air-cooling allows for the most powerful CPUs (up to 150W TDP) to run at maximum speed
    • Enterprise-class hardware acceleration pushes performance to even higher levels while maintaining stability
    • Redundant (95%+) High-Efficiency Platinum Level Digital Switching Power Supplies

Extreme Expandability

    • Supports 6 PCI-E add-on cards with optional Supermicro UIO card for low-cost networking and storage
    • Up to 1TB memory, 10 Hot-Swap HDDs
    • Onboard SAS2 HW RAID controller available

SuperComputing Servers

Many of these Supermicro Supercomputing Server systems integrate GPU computing modules from NVIDIA. The latest NVIDIA Tesla GPU Computing Module is the world’s fastest parallel computing processor for HPC. Supermicro Supercomputing Servers powered by the Tesla GPUs deliver up to 10X higher application performance and are ideal for seismic processing, biochemistry simulations, weather and climate modelling, signal processing computational finance, CAE, CFD and data analysis.

SuperBlade Solutions

The SuperBlade systems are self-contained servers designed to share a common computing infrastructure, thus saving power and space. The Supermicro blade solutions is comprised of the Datacentre blade which is a 14-blade offering for data centres, the 10-blade OfficeBlade which is aimed at quiet office environments and the StorageBlade for data centre storage. The 14U Mini Rack Cabinet created for office and lab environments is also part of the SuperBlade solution line-up.

Buy from Supermicro Experts

Supermicro products are available worldwide through distribution partners, systems integrators and resellers. Supermicro only works with those companies who have demonstrated dedication to partners and customer success. As a Supermicro reseller our partnership gives us preferential product discounts, competitive price support on larger requirements and projects, access to Supermicro’s team of highly skilled pre and post-sale engineers and evaluation stock.

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