VMware is the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions.

Beyond the Horizon

VMware Horizon 6 delivers virtualized or remote applications and desktops through a single platform to end users, ensuring they can work anytime, anywhere and on any device. These applications can now be accessed from one unified workspace to provide the users with all the resources they need and with speed they expect.

VMware provides a new streamlined approach to deliver, protect, and manage:

  • Desktops and applications delivered through a single platform
  • Unified workspace with great user experience
  • Central image management
  • Closed loop management and automation
  • Optimised for the software-defined data centre

Boost Your Performance

VMware vCloud Suite provides a complete and thorough vSphere-based private cloud that helps simplify and speed up your IT administration and automate the operational management, driving higher levels of resource utilization and making staff more productive.

  • Cloud provider economics through policy-driven operations
  • Optimum Control, availability and security for every application
  • Applications in minutes via automated provisioning

The results are unprecedented gains in efficiency and dramatic savings in both capital and operating expenses.

VMware Virtualisation

Don’t just virtualise your servers and desktops, virtualise your network with VMware NSX. VMware’s network virtualization and security platform for the software-defined data centre allows users to virtualise the network without having to upgrade existing hardware or the application. Reducing the time it takes to provision custom, multi-tier network and reducing the time it takes to provide enterprise class security from weeks to minutes.

Start with Server Consolidation

By pooling resources with server consolidation you reduce your hardware needs by a ratio of approximately 10:1 and because you require less hardware to provide your business IT services, you can lower hardware and operating costs by up to 50% and energy costs by 80%. This gives businesses tangle return on IT Investment and on average customers save thousands per year for every virtualized server workload.

Desktops from Your Datacenter

VMware View deliver or VDI enables you to provide desktop services from your data centre to end users across devices on any network. It also provides greater support for your offshore developers, back office workers and communications agents, you can enjoy improvements in productivity, efficiency and service levels all at a lower cost.

Gain Flexibility in Your Purchasing Decision

VMware’s Volume Purchasing program (VPP) is an end customer purchasing program that lets you achieve significant cost savings on eligible VMware software purchases. Qualifying orders placed with VMware using your VPP membership number accumulate points, as the accumulated points total increases so does your potential savings.

Buy from VMware Experts

VMware products are available worldwide through distribution partners, systems integrators and resellers. VMware only works with those companies who have demonstrated dedication to partners and customer success. Our partnership gives us preferential product discounts, competitive price support on larger requirements and projects, access to VMware’s team of highly skilled pre and post-sale engineers and evaluation stock.

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