Digital & Creative

Super-fast Connectivity and Storage Capabilities

Not all digital and creative firms want to store their data on the Cloud. Not only is security a potential issue but if there are problems with your chosen Cloud provider, this could have a knock on effect on your business. Tecnologika provide expert server and system kits and local hosting, tailored to ensure super-fast connectivity and storage capabilities. Tecnologika’s IT infrastructure solutions can offer benefits such as:

High-Speed Data Connections and Higher Security

Cloud performance and security can be a grey area however with an on-site system, businesses have faster performance plus more tangible security management.

Better Software Customisation and Response Times

With an on-site system, customisation options are far more extensive. For example, additional plug-ins and faster upload/download times can simply be added to your servers

Reduced Outages

If your Cloud provider fails, the business could lose key data. This issue can be avoided with your own secure IT infrastructure.

Improved User Security

With the Cloud there’s always the possibility that former IT or data users can retain access to files. We firewall systems to ensure there are no internal or external security breaches. Support and testing. Our meticulous system and security testing during and after deployment means reliable reports and sustained performance.

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