Financial Services

Low-latency trading infrastructure

Since our inception, Tecnologika successfully supplied and deployed low-latency, high frequency trading infrastructure to the capital markets, helping them work faster and smarter. We work with investment banks such as proprietary training firms, hedge funds, market data providers and exchanges across the globe. Tecnologika’s managed services provide our customers with:

Market Advantage
Tecnologika is first to market with leading-edge technology, providing innovative solutions that create a competitive advantage maximise trading productivity.

Optimisation and Tuning
Our range of DMA servers include custom built overclocked, bespoke white box and tier one brands. All of our DMA servers are tuned and benchmarked to industry standards, then tailored to optimise performance agnostic to our client’s algorithm or O/S.

Our People are Your People
Our service is professional and confidential. You’ll have an account manager and technical expert who will provide you with all the support you need. We’re experienced in dealing with the complexities in the financial services industry from deploying infrastructure in collocations across the globe to maintaining and monitoring performance and latency.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your services, alternatively, learn more about our technology vendor relationships.